Changes in eventos/
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2008-11-04 Marcelo Jorge Viei... Changes in eventos/
2008-11-04 Marcelo Jorge Viei... Added method to list all talks in eventos/
2008-10-24 Lincoln de Sousanow the talk can have more than one speaker and
2008-10-24 Lincoln de Sousaavoiding to show the talk detail to everyone but its...
2008-10-24 Marcelo Jorge Viei... Allowing viewing and editing of talk for a co-speaker
2008-10-23 Marcelo Jorge Viei... Changes in eventos/
2008-07-13 Lincoln de Sousaadding the site foreign key in Evento entity, adding... 200807131914
2008-07-13 Lincoln de SousaReplacing the word lecturer by speaker (suggested by...
2008-07-02 Lincoln de Sousarestoring a unintentionally removed import =)
2008-07-02 Lincoln de Sousaimplementing lecturer registration feature
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousaadding a new field to maintain which is the owner of
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousaremoving an unecessary and buggy test...
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousapreventing unwanted users to see private info
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousasetting the owner of a talk when adding it
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousaimplementing personal info edit screen, talk list,
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousaadding login/logout stuff
2008-06-30 Lincoln de SousaAdding the *eventos* app