Make it possible to use PluginLoader without store
[cascardo/ipsilon.git] / ipsilon / providers / openid /
2015-09-05 Patrick UiterwijkMake it possible to use PluginLoader without store
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkImplement cleanup for OpenIDStore
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkClose connections after creating the tables
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkAdd openid_extensions table to be created
2015-09-02 Patrick UiterwijkImplement database upgrade for indexes
2015-09-02 Patrick UiterwijkAdd SQL primary key and indexes
2015-08-31 Patrick UiterwijkCreate database upgrade framework
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenUpdate Copyright header point to COPYING file
2014-12-16 Patrick UiterwijkFix file permissions and remove shebang's
2014-12-05 Simo SorceMake pep8 happy again
2014-12-05 Patrick UiterwijkAdd OpenIDStore to store associations and nonces