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[cascardo/ipsilon.git] / ipsilon / tools /
2015-01-29 Simo SorceAdd support for expiration in Metadata
2015-01-29 Simo SorceAdd function to import a cert from a file
2014-12-16 Patrick UiterwijkFix file permissions and remove shebang's
2014-05-20 Simo SorceFix E256 with stricter pep8 error checker
2014-04-21 Simo SorceMove templatized file creation to tools
2014-04-21 Simo SorceMove fixing files functionality to tools
2014-04-11 Simo SorceAllow to set additional custom keys on services
2014-04-11 Simo SorceSimplify metadata add_service signature
2014-04-11 Simo SorceStore full path immediately
2014-04-11 Simo SorceIf no path is provided use current directory
2014-04-11 Simo SorceMove accessory functions to a generic tools module