Make it possible to use PluginLoader without store
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2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenCSS for the SP Portal
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenUpdate bootstrap, update/add all of PatternFly, add...
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenAdd CSS to preview an uploaded image
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenUpdate Copyright header point to COPYING file
2014-11-12 Simo SorceAdd visual cues to configuration panels
2014-10-27 Simo SorceChange default font-size to a bigger one
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd own styles
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd PatternFly files
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd Boostrap files