2014-02-25 Simo SorceMove default template arguments to its own function
2014-02-25 Simo SorceLog available login managers
2014-02-25 Simo SorceFix master-admin template upper left corner href
2014-02-25 Simo SorceAdd initial design document
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikApply patternfly to administration pages
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikInitialize plugins in order defined in DB
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikKrb page
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikPAM page
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikLogin root page
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikUnauthorized page
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikRoot pages
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikMaster template
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd images
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikRemove old CSS
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikRegenerate CSS
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikMake CSS from LESS
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd own styles
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd 3rd party Javascript libraries
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd PatternFly files
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikAdd Boostrap files
2014-01-27 Simo SorceAdd help text to be shown on form based login page
2014-01-24 Simo SorceAdd infrastructure to configure server
2014-01-24 Simo SorceAdd sample apache configuration
2014-01-24 Simo SorceAdd Kerberos Negotiate auth plugin
2014-01-24 Simo SorceAdd sample pam based login plugin
2014-01-24 Simo SorceImplement login plugin infrastructure
2014-01-24 Simo SorceBetter infrastructure to load plugins
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikUse pep8 check
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikUse pylint check
2014-01-24 Simo SorceFix Imports
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikAdd missing packages
2014-01-24 Simo SorceRename the main executable to
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikFix filename
2014-01-24 Simo SorceRename src package to ipsilon
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikAdd build to .gitignore
2013-12-19 Simo SorceMove template and user retrieval to page class
2013-12-19 Simo SorceAdd page class handler
2013-12-19 Simo SorceInitial user preferences infrastructure
2013-12-14 Simo SorceFix global and app configs
2013-12-14 Simo SorceFix settings
2013-12-14 Simo SorceAdd doc and examples to
2013-12-11 Simo SorceUse jinja2 as the templating system
2013-12-05 Simo SorceAdd Admin preferences system
2013-12-04 Simo SorceAdd example configuration
2013-12-04 Simo SorceAdd plugins loader
2013-12-03 Simo SorceInitial module