2015-07-15 Rob CrittendenReturn PAM errors from mod_intercept_form_submit
2015-07-08 Patrick UiterwijkOnly initialize the OpenID IDP when actually enabled
2015-07-08 Patrick UiterwijkReplace some type(...) checks with isinstance(...)
2015-07-07 Jamie LennoxDefault --saml-sp-logout/post base on --saml-sp
2015-06-22 Patrick UiterwijkAdd missing requirement on mod_ssl for ipsilon-client
2015-06-09 Rich Megginsonipsilon-client-install give password in env. var.
2015-05-11 Patrick UiterwijkBump version for 1.0.0 release v1.0.0
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenInstall man pages for client and server
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd man page for ipsilon.conf.
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd more text to ipsilon(7) man page
2015-05-11 Rob Crittendenipsilon-server-install man page
2015-05-11 Rob Crittendenipsilon-client-install man page
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd logout to pgdb, fix name in tests
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenUse plugin-specific configuration, better expiration
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenRemove expired SAML2 sessions
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenUpdate IdP-initiated logout to use SAML2 Store
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenConvert logout code to use SAML2 Store
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenCreate a SAML2 session during login
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenChange SAML2 sessions backend to use Store API
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenConfigure the SAML2 session database during installation
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd support for storing SAML2 sessions
2015-05-08 Patrick UiterwijkAdd uninstallation support to infosssd
2015-05-08 Patrick UiterwijkImplement change registration
2015-05-08 Patrick UiterwijkAdd database schema versioning
2015-05-08 John DennisImplement ECP in Ipsilon
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenUpdate Copyright header point to COPYING file
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenRemove extraneous logging arg in authform login plugin
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenSet infosssd config value preconfigured as a boolean
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenAdd db.conn.log option to suppress sql logs by default
2015-05-07 Nathan KinderFix ownership of config and state directories
2015-05-07 Simo Sorcepylint 1.4.3 version fixes
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenPull the GSSAPI principal out of the userattrs
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenEnable Kerberos NameID testing in testnameid
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenConfigure a KDC, add test for GSSAPI/Kerberos
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenUse python logging in install / log cherrypy at right...
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenRemove unnecessary lines from infoldap plugin
2015-05-06 Simo SorceSSSD info plugin is immutable if not preconfigured
2015-05-05 Rob CrittendenDrop usage of self._debug and use self.debug instead
2015-04-29 Rob CrittendenFix lint issues with loginstack changes
2015-04-29 Simo SorceMerge the login and info plugins configurations
2015-04-28 Rob CrittendenChange references to authkrb plugin to authgssapi
2015-04-28 Rob CrittendenRename authkrb plugin to authgssapi
2015-04-28 Patrick UiterwijkInsert a small timeout before reporting the test successful
2015-04-28 Patrick UiterwijkAllow scheme to be visible again in admin page
2015-04-28 Patrick UiterwijkAdd OpenID test suite
2015-04-28 Patrick UiterwijkFix OpenID AX extension bug
2015-04-27 Rob CrittendenFix Apache configuration to use correct location of...
2015-04-27 Simo SorceMake availble a list of alternative aut methods
2015-04-27 Rob CrittendenPopulate krb_principal_name from GSS_NAME env var
2015-04-24 Rob CrittendenDisallow iframes via X-Frame-Options and CSP by default
2015-04-24 Patrick UiterwijkUse the new transaction convenience function in Persona
2015-04-17 Simo SorceFix sticter lint checks
2015-04-17 Rob CrittendenUse mod_auth_gssapi instead of mod_auth_kerb
2015-04-15 Rob CrittendenMove ipsilon WSGI script from /usr/sbin to /usr/libexec
2015-04-15 Patrick UiterwijkRelease v0.6.0 v0.6.0
2015-04-15 Patrick UiterwijkClose database sesssions
2015-04-13 Rob CrittendenBetter error handling for login mgrs in server install...
2015-04-13 Patrick UiterwijkFix bootstrap tooltip error
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenAdd test for per-SP allowed and mapping attributes
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenMake the authtest login plugin provide more info
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenThe last allowed/mapping rule can be removed in SPs
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenSAML SP template page is no longer needed
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenAdd per-SP attribute mapping and allowed attributes
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenRename and move PluginConfig to ConfigHelper
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenConvert SAML2 SP Provider UI to use Config object
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenMove mapping and complex list helpers out of class
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenRename plugin_config template to option_config
2015-04-10 Simo SorceUse disabled template for mappings and lists
2015-04-10 Rob CrittendenPrint exceptions when saving data fails in admin UI
2015-04-10 Patrick UiterwijkRework package setup
2015-04-10 Patrick UiterwijkThis was renamed to _groups internally
2015-04-09 Rob CrittendenIf sys.exit is called or SystemExit raised, don't displ...
2015-04-09 Rob CrittendenRename nss info plugin to match format of info+name
2015-04-09 Patrick UiterwijkCheck if test deps are installed
2015-04-08 Nathan KinderExtend default SAML IdP metadata validity period
2015-04-06 Nathan KinderSuppress --config-profile option from installer script...
2015-04-06 Nathan KinderAdd document on web app integration for SAML
2015-04-02 Nathan KinderValidate SP names for admin pages and REST
2015-04-02 Nathan KinderAllow SP registration from ipsilon-client-install
2015-04-02 Rob CrittendenIdP-initiated logout for current user
2015-03-31 Nathan KinderSP uninstall attempts to run install
2015-03-30 Patrick UiterwijkRelease v0.5.0 v0.5.0
2015-03-30 Patrick UiterwijkAdd options to explicitly set database uris during...
2015-03-27 Rob CrittendenUse all SSSD domains for info plugin by default.
2015-03-27 Rob CrittendenAdd a method to Installer classes to validate argument...
2015-03-27 Rob CrittendenTry to return a redirect instead a 400 for "not logged...
2015-03-24 Rob CrittendenAdd tests for Name ID functionality
2015-03-23 Rob CrittendenMake unspecified the default Name ID format, add to...
2015-03-23 Rob CrittendenAllow user to specify Name ID format when configuring SP.
2015-03-23 Rob CrittendenImplement urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format...
2015-03-23 Rob CrittendenImplement urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format...
2015-03-23 Rob CrittendenImplement urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format...
2015-03-23 Rob CrittendenWhen a new logout session is received, save old session ids
2015-03-23 Simo SorceAdd LDAP test
2015-03-23 Simo SorceFix fetching infoldap plugin groups
2015-03-23 John Dennisset SELinux boolean httpd_can_connect_ldap when install...
2015-03-19 Rob CrittendenSet Cache-control on all generated pages, centralize...
2015-03-18 John DennisAssertion AttributeStatements must be non-empty
2015-03-18 Nathan KinderAllow SP installation to be on non-standard ports
2015-03-18 Simo SorceProperly handle groups info in SAML provider