2015-03-18 John DennisAssertion AttributeStatements must be non-empty
2015-03-18 Nathan KinderAllow SP installation to be on non-standard ports
2015-03-18 Simo SorceProperly handle groups info in SAML provider
2015-03-18 Simo SorceAdd negative authentication test
2015-03-18 Simo SorceFix error returned from login plugins
2015-03-17 Patrick UiterwijkMake SSSD Info enable the httpd_dbus_sssd boolean.
2015-03-16 Patrick UiterwijkBuild dated RPMs by default
2015-03-16 Rob CrittendenSave user attributes on subsequent calls to login.
2015-03-16 Rob CrittendenUse the IPA API directly when adding the HTTP principal
2015-03-16 Rob CrittendenFix some pylint warnings in logout test about shadowing...
2015-03-16 Rob CrittendenAdd test for multi-SP logout
2015-03-16 Rob CrittendenSet MALLOC_CHECK_ and MALLOC_PERTURB_ to catch memory...
2015-03-16 Rob CrittendenEnable Apache access log and core dump in tests
2015-03-12 Nathan KinderDon't explicitly save sessions
2015-03-12 Simo SorceProper fallback from referer to REQUEST_URI
2015-03-11 Nathan KinderValidate SP path settings during installation
2015-03-11 Nathan KinderAdd mod_wsgi display name for Ipsilon WSGI process
2015-03-10 Nathan KinderAdd Cache-Control header to prevent browser caching...
2015-03-10 Nathan KinderRequire SSL on SP when using --saml-secure-setup
2015-03-06 Simo SorceFind transaction ids for internal redirects
2015-03-03 Patrick UiterwijkFix transaction ID passing for failed authentication
2015-03-03 Rob CrittendenRequire admin when accessing REST pages
2015-03-03 Rob CrittendenInstall and package the new REST components
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenAdd test for REST Service Provider GET and POST
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenBreak out getting SP metadata into a separate test...
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenLoad and initialize REST in the SAML2 plugin
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenImplement GET and POST REST API for Service Providers
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenLoad REST plugins onto the Root object
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenAdd base REST provider framework classes
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenChange root class of Page from Log to Endpoint
2015-02-27 Rob CrittendenLow-level class for managing request endpoints
2015-02-27 Patrick UiterwijkBump version numbers for release v0.4.0 v0.4.0
2015-02-26 Patrick UiterwijkAdd uninstallation support.
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAvoid attrs test flakines, stop using info_nss
2015-02-24 Patrick UiterwijkSplit tools between components that require them
2015-02-24 Patrick Uiterwijk__init__ needs to be in the main package
2015-02-24 Patrick UiterwijkBump spec file
2015-02-24 Patrick UiterwijkDo not require ipsilon-tools
2015-02-24 Patrick UiterwijkSplit the installer into -tools
2015-02-24 Patrick UiterwijkSplit off authform
2015-02-24 Patrick UiterwijkMake the configparser case sensitive.
2015-02-24 Simo SorceMake available case insensitive mapping matching
2015-02-24 Simo SorceUse the new Policy engine for login/info mapping
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd dynamic list to plugin_config forms
2015-02-24 Simo SorceHandle changing MappingList options
2015-02-24 Simo SorceHandle changing ComplexList options
2015-02-24 Simo SorceDo not crash on failure to load config
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd support for new options to plugin_config.html
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd support for attribute policies in openidp
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd support for attribute policies in samlidp
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd config option to load mapping lists
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd Policy class to help filter attributes
2015-02-24 Simo SorcePrefix userdata hives with _ to avoid conflicts
2015-02-24 Simo SorceChange attrs test to check for fullname
2015-02-24 Simo SorceFix typos in openid provider comments
2015-02-20 Patrick UiterwijkFix RPM field seperator
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenAdd info plugin that utilizes Apache mod_lookup_identit...
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenLet the plugin configure calls notice failures.
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenFix typo in nss and infoldap info plugins
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenTest for Single Logout Service
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenImplement Single Logout Service for SP-initiated logout
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenAdd SAML-specific session data for tracking login/logou...
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenRegister SingleLogoutService SAML2 metadata
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenAdd helper to store provider specific data
2015-02-06 Patrick UiterwijkIgnore .rnd (openssl stuff)
2015-02-06 Patrick UiterwijkMake test results more clear
2015-02-06 Patrick UiterwijkFall back to default templates dir if it does not exist...
2015-02-03 Patrick UiterwijkRemove print lines from openid
2015-02-03 Patrick UiterwijkAdd the OpenID xrds template to
2015-01-29 Simo SorceAdd expiration to Idp metadata
2015-01-29 Simo SorceAdd Metadata Generator helper class
2015-01-29 Simo SorceAdd support for expiration in Metadata
2015-01-29 Simo SorceAdd function to import a cert from a file
2015-01-28 Patrick UiterwijkUpdate spec file after Fedora review
2015-01-27 John DennisFix request multipart logging when only 1 part is present
2015-01-26 Simo SorceFix int/pep8 errors in latest patches
2015-01-26 John DennisAdd source code context information to debug logs
2015-01-26 John DennisAdd request/response logging via cherrypy tool hooks
2015-01-22 Patrick UiterwijkFix a copy-paste error
2015-01-19 Patrick UiterwijkFix some copy-paste errors in help output
2015-01-16 Simo SorceUse referer too as source of transaction IDs
2014-12-16 Patrick UiterwijkFix file permissions and remove shebang's
2014-12-12 Simo SorceBump RPM spec version to 0.3.0
2014-12-11 Patrick UiterwijkUpdate version and maintainer info v0.3.0
2014-12-07 Patrick UiterwijkMake quickrun create a symlink to ui
2014-12-05 Simo SorceChange working directory for quickrun
2014-12-05 Simo SorceMake pep8 happy again
2014-12-05 Patrick UiterwijkAdd OpenIDStore to store associations and nonces
2014-12-05 Simo SorceAdd defaults to List objects
2014-12-05 Simo SorceAllow to pass drectly a URL to the Store class
2014-11-14 Patrick UiterwijkAdd support for Persona Identity Provider
2014-11-13 Patrick UiterwijkMake sure the XRDS is returned as string
2014-11-13 Patrick UiterwijkDelay exposing OpenID
2014-11-13 Patrick UiterwijkFix LDAP plugin configuration checks
2014-11-12 Simo SorceImprove spec file
2014-11-12 Simo SorceBump version to 0.2.6
2014-11-12 Simo SorceFix svg parsing in mod_wsgi
2014-11-12 Simo SorceAdd admin svg to
2014-11-12 Simo SorceAdd missing openid paths to
2014-11-12 Simo SorceAdd visual cues to configuration panels