2016-03-10 Yuanhan Liunetdev-dpdk: fix mbuf leaks master
2016-03-08 andy zhouovsdb-server: Fix a reference count leak bug
2016-03-08 bschanmu@redhat.comrhel: Use ovn-ctl to ovn-controller service
2016-03-08 Ben Pfaffopenflow: Support matching and modifying MPLS TTL field.
2016-03-08 Ben Pfaffnetdev: Improve comments on netdev_rxq_recv().
2016-03-08 Ben Pfaffdpif-netdev: Fix typo in comment.
2016-03-08 Ben Pfaffovs-ofctl: Fix command names in documentation.
2016-03-08 Joe Stringerofp-actions: Assert variable actions have len>0.
2016-03-08 Joe Stringertests: Expand 'bundle with many ports' test.
2016-03-08 Ben PfaffRevert "ovn-controller: race between binding-run and...
2016-03-07 Ben Pfaffunixctl: Log commands received and their replies (at...
2016-03-07 Ben Pfaffbinding: Track local datapaths even when no transaction...
2016-03-07 Russell Bryantovs-sandbox: Add note about OVN to initial output.
2016-03-07 William Tuofp-util: Fix use-after-free in group append.
2016-03-07 William Tuofpbuf: Fix use-after-free in bundle parse.
2016-03-07 Jarno Rajahalmeofpbuf: Fix setting of 'msg' in ofpbuf_clone_with_headr...
2016-03-07 Jarno Rajahalmeofpbuf: Rename 'data_delta' to 'xxx_offset'
2016-03-07 Jarno Rajahalmeofpbuf: Make offset calculation more consistent.
2016-03-07 Russell BryantAUTHORS: Add Ramu Ramamurthy.
2016-03-07 Ramu Ramamurthyovn-controller: race between binding-run and patch...
2016-03-07 bschanmu@redhat.comUse 'RUNDIR' from make for rhel/ovn-controller.service
2016-03-06 Ilya Maximetsnetdev-dpdk: Fix memory leak in netdev_dpdk_vhost_destr...
2016-03-04 Pravin B Shelardatapath: STT: Fix checksum handling.
2016-03-03 Joe Stringerofpbuf: Use ptrdiff_t for pointer delta.
2016-03-03 Joe Stringerofp-actions: Prevent integer overflow in decode.
2016-03-03 Joe Stringerofp-actions: Fix use-after-free in bundle action.
2016-03-03 Joe Stringertests: Add bundle action test with buffer realloc.
2016-03-03 Russell Bryantovs-ofctl.8: commit is required with alg in ct().
2016-03-03 Installation steps correction for...
2016-03-03 Ian Stokesnetdev_dpdk.c: Add QoS functionality.
2016-03-01 Russell Bryantofpbuf: Fix trivial spelling typo.
2016-02-29 Jarno Rajahalmeofp: Add support for bundles extension in OpenFlow...
2016-02-29 Jarno Rajahalmeodp-util: Use FLOW_MAX_MPLS_LABELS when parsing MPLS...
2016-02-29 Lance Richardsonrhel: Add 'rpm-fedora' and 'rpm-fedora-kmod' targets
2016-02-29 Russell Bryantovn: Suppport ct_mark/ct_label in lflow matches.
2016-02-29 Andy Zhouovsdb-server: Refactoring and clean up remote status...
2016-02-29 Andy Zhouovsdb: fix a typo in ovs-vswitchd.conf.db(5).
2016-02-28 Mark Kavanaghnetdev-dpdk: clean up mbuf initialization
2016-02-27 Ilya Maximetstestsuite: Add timeout to add_of_br() command.
2016-02-27 Alin SerdeanClean code in netlink-socket
2016-02-27 Han Zhouovn: Connect to remote lports through localnet port.
2016-02-27 Han Zhouovn: Avoid ARP responder for packets from localnet...
2016-02-27 Ansis Attekafedora: include ovs-save file in the rpm package
2016-02-27 Ben Pfaffofp-parse: Remove unneeded #include.
2016-02-26 Ben Pfaffthread: Keep openvswitch/thread.h #includes more contai...
2016-02-26 Ben Pfafftests: Fix use of "test".
2016-02-26 Ben Pfaffm4: Rename to compat.m4.
2016-02-26 Ben Pfafftests: Move Autotest compatibility macros into tests...
2016-02-26 Ben Pfafftests: Add Autoconf 2.63 compatibility support for...
2016-02-26 Han Zhouovn-northd: Remove info log in extract_lport_addresses().
2016-02-26 Ansis Attekarhel: provide our own SELinux custom policy package
2016-02-26 Ilya Maximetsdpif-netdev: Fix double inclusion of cmap.h
2016-02-25 Numan Siddiqueovn-northd: Allow lport 'addresses' to store multiple...
2016-02-25 RYAN D. MOATSAdd useful information to ovn E2E test
2016-02-25 Numan Siddiqueovn: Add a section on containers in OVN Tutorial
2016-02-25 Russell Bryantovn: Add a TODO item for GARP generation.
2016-02-25 Lance Richardsontests: Gracefully terminate daemons in OVN tests
2016-02-25 Jarno Rajahalmexlate: Always recirculate after an MPLS POP to a non...
2016-02-25 Jarno Rajahalmeodp-util: Format and scan multiple MPLS labels.
2016-02-25 Jarno Rajahalmetests: Fix MPLS tests.
2016-02-24 Andy Zhouovsdb: avoid unnecessary call to ovsdb_monitor_get_update()
2016-02-24 Andy Zhouovsdb: rename variables in ovsdb_monitor_get_update()
2016-02-24 Andy Zhouovsdb: Fix one off error in tracking monitor changes
2016-02-24 Ben Pfafftravis: Automatically recheck failed tests.
2016-02-24 Ben Pfafftests: Add ability to automatically rerun failed tests.
2016-02-24 Ian StokesINSTALL.DPDK: Add notes regarding vhost multiq configur...
2016-02-24 Ilya Maximetsnetdev-dpdk: vhost-user: Fix sending packets to queues...
2016-02-24 Saloni JainImplement OFPT_TABLE_STATUS Message.
2016-02-24 Ilya Maximetsconfigure: Fix checking of six library for Python 3.
2016-02-24 Simon Hormanflow: add miniflow_pad_from_64
2016-02-24 Simon Hormanflow: add miniflow_push_uint8
2016-02-24 Daniele Di... netdev-dpdk: Do not add vhost-user ports with '/' or...
2016-02-24 Mauricio Vásqueztests/dpdk/ring_client: extend range of supported dpdkr...
2016-02-24 Mauricio Vásquezlib/netdev-dpdk: make device name parsing more robust
2016-02-23 Dennis Samvtep: Add error messages for logical router support
2016-02-23 Joe Stringerovs-ofctl.8: Clarify conntrack documentation.
2016-02-23 Lance Richardsonlib: Fix netbsd compilation error.
2016-02-23 Mauricio Vásquezlib/netdev-dpdk: increase ring name length for dpdkr...
2016-02-23 Ben Clean flake8-check too.
2016-02-23 Thadeu Lima... ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix crash when using multicast...
2016-02-23 Flavio Leitnerrhel: Add missing ovn bugtool files
2016-02-23 Ilya Maximetsdpif-netdev: Move rxq management into functions.
2016-02-23 Ilya Maximetsdpif-netdev: Reload each thread only once in do_add_port.
2016-02-23 Ilya Maximetsdpif-netdev: Add dpif-netdev/pmd-rxq-show appctl command.
2016-02-23 Alin Serdeanbuild-windows: Enable parallel jobs for msbuild
2016-02-22 William Tuovs-bugtool: Create OVN plugin and add output.
2016-02-22 Russell BryantNEWS: Claim support for Python 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests for Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests for Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests with Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests for Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests with Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests for Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run tests with both Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run Python tests for Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Run for Python 2 and 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Bryantconfigure: Check for presence of Python 3.
2016-02-22 Russell Bryanttests: Deal with Python output differences.
2016-02-22 William Tugcc: Fix compile errors due to anonymous union initiliz...
2016-02-22 Jarno Fix shell command line formatting.