2015-11-18 Thadeu Lima... Changes URL to and tries to fix DOM parsing. master
2015-04-18 diegokFixed dzil errors and warns... v0.06
2015-04-18 diegokUpdated domain and fixed DOM parsing
2013-12-29 diegokBetter error report and small test refactor v0.05
2013-12-25 diegokChange attrs() for attr() to work with mojo::ua 4.x v0.04
2012-12-25 diegokRetrive episode links by type and some more docs v0.03
2012-12-25 diegokChanges and simple fix v0.02
2012-12-25 diegokremoved unneded file
2012-12-25 diegokBetter docs format
2012-12-25 diegokweaver conf
2012-12-25 diegokChanges travis files
2012-12-25 diegokIgnore builds v0.01
2012-12-25 diegokMinimal POD for nacked methods
2012-12-25 diegokSome ultra minimal docs
2012-12-25 diegokInitial commit