Fix bad merge
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2008-10-23 Marcelo Jorge Viei... Added admin autodiscover and updated admin url
2008-10-08 Lincoln de Sousafixing another ridiculous bug =/
2008-10-08 Lincoln de Sousafixing a ridiculous bug =/
2008-10-08 Lincoln de Sousaadding a new feature, now you need to say which content
2008-10-08 Lincoln de Sousamaking an entry be available with its slug
2008-07-22 Lincoln de Sousaadding the new layout proposed by Lucas
2008-07-12 Lincoln de Sousacolocando um layout tosco...
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousaadding login/logout stuff
2008-07-01 Lincoln de Sousaadding diario urls
2008-06-30 Lincoln de SousaStarting the ema project