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ownerThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
last changeFri, 7 Nov 2008 21:59:34 +0000 (19:59 -0200)
2008-11-07 Thadeu Lima... Fix bad merge master
2008-11-07 Thadeu Lima... Merge branch 'master' into mybranch mybranch
2008-11-07 Thadeu Lima... Send email. It does not work. Please, fix it!
2008-11-07 Thadeu Lima... Show all speakers in a talk when improving
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... renaming another file (ugly name =)
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... renaming a file to enforce name standards
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... improvements on talk improvement section
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... moving the improve link to the main menu
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... adding the subscription url
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... adding a way to a normal user subscribe comment on...
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... only authenticated users can comment talks
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... adding the __unicode__ method to Improve model
2008-11-06 Lincoln de... Adding the Improve model to the django admin
2008-11-05 Thadeu Lima... Ignore python byte-code files
2008-11-05 Thadeu Lima... Link to speakers when showing their names in improvemen...
2008-11-05 Thadeu Lima... Show some speaker details if person is not logged in...
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