__init__ needs to be in the main package
[cascardo/ipsilon.git] / Makefile
2015-02-24 Simo SorceAdd Policy class to help filter attributes
2015-02-13 Rob CrittendenTest for Single Logout Service
2015-02-06 Patrick UiterwijkMake test results more clear
2014-11-12 Simo SorceAdd test to check file based configuration works
2014-11-12 Simo SorceAdd test to check a real database (pgsql) works
2014-10-27 Simo SorceDisable clean-css for now
2014-10-07 Simo SorceFix make cscope and clean
2014-10-06 Simo SorceAdd make cscope target
2014-09-24 Simo SorceTest transactions code with full redirect login
2014-09-24 Simo SorceAdd test that checks attrs are properly returned
2014-06-17 Simo SorceChange test executables into modules
2014-06-04 Simo SorceAdd first test, checks client/server installs work
2014-06-04 Simo SorceAdd basic testing infrastructure
2014-05-20 Simo SorceAdd sdist and rpms targets to Makefile
2014-02-17 Petr VobornikMake CSS from LESS
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikUse pep8 check
2014-01-24 Petr VobornikUse pylint check