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ownerThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
last changeThu, 19 Nov 2015 00:17:50 +0000 (22:17 -0200)
2015-11-19 Thadeu Lima... pam: use a pam object method instead of pam module... master
2015-11-17 John DennisUpdate spec file dependencies on lasso and mellon
2015-11-14 Rob CrittendenVerify that uploaded files are readable when selected
2015-11-14 Rob CrittendenAdd support for IdP-initiated login
2015-11-14 Rob CrittendenBe more verbose when logging errors in info LDAP plugin
2015-11-13 John DennisError messages missing value for format-specifier
2015-11-13 John Dennisipsilon-server-install sometimes fails to log & emit...
2015-10-27 Rob CrittendenCatch unsigned logout requests and raise a 400 for now
2015-10-27 John DennisHandle user session data for both internal and external...
2015-10-21 Rob CrittendenDon't assume cache_dir is set in conf during uninstall
2015-10-21 Rob CrittendenFix wrong attribute name for HTTP response status code
2015-10-21 Rob CrittendenDon't crash if no NameIdPolicy is requested
2015-10-19 Rob CrittendenForce cherrypy.log.screen to be True to enable normal...
2015-10-19 Rob CrittendenFix incorrect raise exception syntax
2015-10-14 Patrick UiterwijkAdd check for permissions on deleting a SAML2 Service...
2015-10-10 John DennisProperly identify code location of logging message
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