Fix NameId exception
[cascardo/ipsilon.git] / ipsilon / providers / saml2 /
2014-04-16 Simo SorceFix NameId exception
2014-04-14 Simo SorceAdd nameid values validation
2014-04-11 Simo SorceMove accessory functions to a generic tools module
2014-04-04 Simo SorceAdmin functions to delete Service Providers
2014-04-04 Simo SorceProviders can save properties back to the database
2014-04-04 Simo SorceAdd Service and Identity Provider abstraction
2014-03-19 Simo SorceFix minor syntax issues in saml2 provider
2014-03-03 Simo SorceImprove exceptions for saml2 providers
2014-03-03 Simo SorceAdd ability to strip domain/realm per provider
2014-02-27 Simo SorceAdd Service Provider class