2015-09-05 Patrick UiterwijkMake it possible to use PluginLoader without store
2015-09-05 Patrick UiterwijkAlso create plugin UserStore data tables
2015-09-05 Patrick UiterwijkAlso add the store name when reporting data load error
2015-09-05 Patrick UiterwijkMake the database upgrade system use logger
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkImplement cleanup for OpenIDStore
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkMake it possible to enable database query echoing
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkImplement cleanup for sessions
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkImplement cleeanup for TranStore
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkImplement automatic database cleanup
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenDerive splink when registering SP, allow visible =...
2015-09-04 Rob Crittendensaml_base must be a subpath of saml_auth in client...
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenFlip some debug messages to error messages in SAML2...
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenUpdate REST test to include attributes for SP Portal
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenShip the PatternFlyIcons font in fonts-local.
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenBuild and ship CSS for SP Portal
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenRegenerate the CSS, add patternfly and styles
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenCSS for the SP Portal
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenUpdate bootstrap, update/add all of PatternFly, add...
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenAdd CSS to preview an uploaded image
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenJavascript for filtering the SP by name and description
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenEnd-user UI for SP Portal
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenCreate cache directory for storing images for SP Portal
2015-09-04 Rob CrittendenSP Portal administrative interface
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkClose connections after creating the tables
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkFix the database upgrade for readonly databases (file...
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkAdd openid_extensions table to be created
2015-09-04 Patrick UiterwijkFix database upgrades from partially initialized schema...
2015-09-03 Patrick UiterwijkFix initialization of plugin_data table in AdminStore
2015-09-02 Patrick UiterwijkAdd test suite for database upgrades
2015-09-02 Patrick UiterwijkImplement database upgrade for indexes
2015-09-02 Patrick UiterwijkAdd SQL primary key and indexes
2015-09-02 John DennisDefine PAOS AssertionConsumerService in ipsilon-client...
2015-08-31 Patrick UiterwijkRename the SAML2 sessions database to saml2_sessions
2015-08-31 Patrick UiterwijkCreate database upgrade framework
2015-08-31 Patrick UiterwijkMove initialization of SAML2 cleanup to init_idp
2015-08-31 Rob CrittendenAdd city to info plugin, fetch correct attrs in SSSD
2015-08-28 Patrick UiterwijkFix transaction check
2015-08-27 Rob CrittendenValidate options of the LDAP auth plugin on installation
2015-08-25 Rob CrittendenLog a message when authentication is successful but...
2015-08-25 Rob CrittendenCount IPA as a login plugin when checking for enabled...
2015-08-25 Jan PazdzioraMake wellknowndir substitution work on Alias line as...
2015-08-21 Patrick UiterwijkEnable auto-escaping templates
2015-08-21 Patrick UiterwijkFix permission check on SP update
2015-08-18 Rob CrittendenReport to user if an LDAP error occurs
2015-08-18 Patrick UiterwijkClear testdir before test run
2015-08-18 Rob CrittendenMark the service as readonly in the UI in authpam plugin
2015-08-18 Patrick UiterwijkOnly initialize the Persona IDP when actually enabled
2015-08-11 Rob CrittendenUse full path when constructing "Other authentication...
2015-08-11 Pierre-Yves... Drop all the calls to .keys() when iterating on the...
2015-07-27 Rob CrittendenLog caught exceptions in server installer at debug...
2015-07-27 Rob CrittendenSet the value of WantAuthnRequestsSigned to True
2015-07-17 Rob CrittendenInclude timezone in metadata validUntil value and use...
2015-07-17 Patrick UiterwijkOnly initialize the SAML IDP when actually enabled
2015-07-16 Rob CrittendenRefactor SP generation to simplify logout testing
2015-07-16 Rob CrittendenAdd client install option to disable logout over SOAP
2015-07-16 Rob CrittendenAdd support for logout over SOAP
2015-07-15 Rob CrittendenReturn PAM errors from mod_intercept_form_submit
2015-07-08 Patrick UiterwijkOnly initialize the OpenID IDP when actually enabled
2015-07-08 Patrick UiterwijkReplace some type(...) checks with isinstance(...)
2015-07-07 Jamie LennoxDefault --saml-sp-logout/post base on --saml-sp
2015-06-22 Patrick UiterwijkAdd missing requirement on mod_ssl for ipsilon-client
2015-06-09 Rich Megginsonipsilon-client-install give password in env. var.
2015-05-11 Patrick UiterwijkBump version for 1.0.0 release v1.0.0
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenInstall man pages for client and server
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd man page for ipsilon.conf.
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd more text to ipsilon(7) man page
2015-05-11 Rob Crittendenipsilon-server-install man page
2015-05-11 Rob Crittendenipsilon-client-install man page
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd logout to pgdb, fix name in tests
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenUse plugin-specific configuration, better expiration
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenRemove expired SAML2 sessions
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenUpdate IdP-initiated logout to use SAML2 Store
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenConvert logout code to use SAML2 Store
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenCreate a SAML2 session during login
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenChange SAML2 sessions backend to use Store API
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenConfigure the SAML2 session database during installation
2015-05-11 Rob CrittendenAdd support for storing SAML2 sessions
2015-05-08 Patrick UiterwijkAdd uninstallation support to infosssd
2015-05-08 Patrick UiterwijkImplement change registration
2015-05-08 Patrick UiterwijkAdd database schema versioning
2015-05-08 John DennisImplement ECP in Ipsilon
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenUpdate Copyright header point to COPYING file
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenRemove extraneous logging arg in authform login plugin
2015-05-08 Rob CrittendenSet infosssd config value preconfigured as a boolean
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenAdd db.conn.log option to suppress sql logs by default
2015-05-07 Nathan KinderFix ownership of config and state directories
2015-05-07 Simo Sorcepylint 1.4.3 version fixes
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenPull the GSSAPI principal out of the userattrs
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenEnable Kerberos NameID testing in testnameid
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenConfigure a KDC, add test for GSSAPI/Kerberos
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenUse python logging in install / log cherrypy at right...
2015-05-07 Rob CrittendenRemove unnecessary lines from infoldap plugin
2015-05-06 Simo SorceSSSD info plugin is immutable if not preconfigured
2015-05-05 Rob CrittendenDrop usage of self._debug and use self.debug instead
2015-04-29 Rob CrittendenFix lint issues with loginstack changes
2015-04-29 Simo SorceMerge the login and info plugins configurations
2015-04-28 Rob CrittendenChange references to authkrb plugin to authgssapi
2015-04-28 Rob CrittendenRename authkrb plugin to authgssapi
2015-04-28 Patrick UiterwijkInsert a small timeout before reporting the test successful
2015-04-28 Patrick UiterwijkAllow scheme to be visible again in admin page